Emirates Airlines has always attracted passengers with luxurious travel experiences and satisfactory services. This airline in the Middle East is traveled by a large number of travelers, but still, there are many who have doubts regarding "Is Emirates a good airline?" If you are also bothered with the same question, then you must know that yes, this is one of the great air carriers proudly serving more than 140 destinations worldwide and has earned a 5-star global airline rating for its amazing onboard and dedicated inflight services. If you are still confused about whether you must opt for this airline or not for your future travel, then you must go through the crucial details presented in the following section. 

Facts that make Emirates stand out from the rest of air carriers:

Emirates has always provided a number of services to its passengers and has ensured that they reach their travel destinations on time, experiencing the finest experiences. Though it is observed that Emirates economy travel class flight fares are comparatively higher than those of competitors, however, their services are way too far ahead of the rest. You must go through the facts that will clarify your doubt: "Is Emirates good to fly on?". 

  • Emirates was the first airline to introduce television screens in economy travel class, and till today, the airline is known to deliver the best travel experience to economy class passengers. 
  • Emiartes becomes the first air carrier to equip the entire fleet with Mobile connectivity. 
  • Emirates was the first global airline to introduce free WIFI services to its passengers.

Is Emirates a high-end airline? 

There are many travelers who are confused about whether Emirates can be considered to be a high-end air carrier or not; if you are also confused with the same question, then you must note that yes, this airline has won the APEX World Class airline award for the year 2024, for its prime services. Emirates is dedicated to offering global safety standards to passengers. You can witness the finest service-guest experience while traveling with Emirates. 

Reasons why you must select Emirates? 

There are numerous factors that make Emirates one of the most luxurious and passengers-friendly airlines. You must consider the following important reasons to select Emirates as your travel carrier: 

  • Emirates crew members are highly trained and professional and are available to assist travelers during their trip. 
  • Emirates first-class provides ultimate privacy to passengers. They have the option of fully reclined beds and customize their meals according to their specific needs. 
  • Emirates business class travelers can experience gourmet cuisine and can browse up to 6500 channels of Entertainment. 
  • Premium economy travelers can experience additional comfort during their trip and have wider seats, extra legroom to experience much more comfort during their journey.
  • The Economy travel class of Emirates are not behind any other travel class; passengers boarding this travel class are entitled to regional cuisine, great tentertainment options, comfortable seats and much more. 

Top services offered by Emirates: 

If you are traveling in the Emirates, then you will come across the following important services: 

  • Emirates provides priority boarding for families and Skywards Gold and Platinum members for economy travel classes. 
  • Emirates' economy travel class is equipped with 13.3-inch entertainment screens, so travelers can enjoy their trip and remain entertained throughout their journey. 
  • Emirates provides reclinable seats and comfortable cushions to economy travel class passengers. Along with that, they can order meals according to their taste.

Are Emirates economy seats comfortable?

Yes, Emirates provides comfortable seating options to economy travel class passengers. If you are boarding Economy class for international routes, you will come across flexible side panels, Reclinable seats and leather headrests. Along with that you will also find an electric socket near your seats and television screen. You might come across wider legroom space on Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft. 

Top Discounts offered by Emirates:

Apart from delivering great travel experiences, Emirates also provides great discount offers to passengers. Travelers boarding Emirates flights are liable to enjoy the following important discounts: 

Student Discount: Students traveling via Emirates can come across the best travel experience at discounted rates. They can expect a discount of up to 10% while traveling in economy travel class. 

Group travel discounts: Travelers who are boarding Emirates flights in a group of 10 travelers or more are liable for getting additional discounts. 

Senior citizen discounts: Emirates also provides senior fare discounts  to senior citizens whose age is above 57 years and have validating certificates.

Conclusion: Referring to the crucial facts given above, your doubt "Why is Emirates airline the best?" have been clarified. You can travel to your destination on this high end airline and come across the finest air travel experiences. 

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