Death is a very uncertain event that can happen at any time. Losing someone close to your heart is inexplicable, and it is also more disturbing when the person dies in another country or state. As for the families, it's very important to bring the body back home to perform all the last rites in the last resting place. However, it is quite easy to carry a dead person from a nearby place through an ambulance. But transporting human remains from one country to another requires a lot of work; as the human remains can not be transported by road, it has to be carried by flight.

Different methods to reserve a flight for a dead body

Speak to the Airline executive by phone - You have to speak to the live person at the Airline to help you with the process of booking a flight ticket for a dead body. as transporting a body by air is not an easy job. It requires several documentation and permissions to get ahead with this process. To book a flight for the Human remains, you can speak to the Airline's live person and ask to make the reservation by providing all the necessary documents and paying the charges.

Head to the Airport Helpdesk - To get quick help from the airline representative, you can also seek assistance from the agent at the airport counter. Request the agent to help you with the process of transporting a dead body on a flight. Give all the details regarding the dead person and submit all the important documentation required for the process. Pay the requested charges, and the agent will help you with the booking.

What are the documents required to transport a dead body?

Transporting human remains from one place to another through a plane requires a lot of formalities. As per the terms and conditions, there are several documents you need to provide to the airline to get the process done. The following are mentioned below:

  • You must have a death certificate of the person issued by the Hospital or a concerned doctor.
  • NOC ( No Objection Certificate) from the nearest police jurisdiction for a police clearance.
  • Embalming certificate for safety purposes.
  • Carry along a Coffin box certificate.
  • Identification of the person who is booking the Human remains.
  • For the transportation without an attendee, give the contact details and the address of the person receiving a coffin box.
  • Submit the No Objection certificate from the country transporting the coffin.
  • Also, carry at least ten photocopies of all the documentation 

How much does it cost to transport the dead body by air?

To Transport a dead body, the Airline charges you a certain amount; the cost of transporting a dead body depends upon the destination and the weight of the dead body. Also, international flight charges are higher than domestic flight charges. Apart from paying for the flight charges, you must also pay for the coffin box, Mortuary ambulance costs, and the Mortuary. The average estimated cost varies from $2.000 to $6.000, respectively, including all the costs of the formalities needed to be done.

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