Pregnancy is regarded as the best phase of a woman's life, where they get to bask in the glory of happiness all around them. It was indeed considered the least preferable option for a woman to travel during pregnancy, let alone take long trips to exotic locations worldwide. But as time changed, there has been a paradigm shift that has helped to shape up a much more pronounced travel itinerary for pregnant ladies. The shift has caused them to be much more relaxed and embrace motherhood as it comes. 

Throwing light on the same, there indeed have been major formulations and modifications on the easiness with which pregnant ladies can travel in an airline. All the airlines worldwide have encompassed the travel plans of pregnant ladies well within the limits set up. This ensures the creation of everlasting memories for the little one during this period. Indeed, pregnant women need to be extra careful and well-prepared for the journey that needs to be made. 

Contemplating the aspect of how to book a flight for a pregnant lady, the process is no different than the normal booking process that is followed. Direct booking can be done through the official website of the airline, as the process follows. 

What are the rules for flying with an airline when pregnant?

While traveling with an airline, expectant mothers need to be well versed with the International flight pregnancy policy, which needs to be adhered to to have a seamless travel experience. 

  • The airlines generally do not allow women to fly to international destinations after a time period of 25 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. For domestic travel, leniency is provided till 36 weeks of pregnancy. It is all dependent on the health complications of the women. 
  • Airlines permit pregnant women to travel after 28 weeks of pregnancy only by submission of a fit-to-travel certificate from an authorized obstetrician. 
  • A vaccination certificate duly signed and stamped by the doctor needs to be carried along with all the details of the pregnancy. The airline needs to be informed about the expected due date of delivery while booking. 
  • The doctor's certificate should be issued to the women a minimum of 72 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • Airlines hold the right to deny boarding to a pregnant woman based on the prevailing health condition they have while boarding the flight.
  • Based upon request, the airline gives priority boarding and selection of seats for pregnant women in accordance with their comfort. 

Specific policies to consider:

  • After 32 weeks, most airlines check the health conditions of pregnant women before allowing them to fly. Under previous medical conditions of miscarriage or abortion, the woman would be prevented from taking the flight. 
  • Major restrictions on flying are imposed in 3rd trimester (32 weeks) in case there is a scenario of multiple babies in the womb, where they would not be allowed to take the flight. 
  • Women with persistent health issues and previous complications in pregnancy will not be permitted to take the flight well within their pregnancy period for the safety of the child. 

How to Make Reservations for Pregnant Women?

There are different modes associated with making a booking for a pregnant woman with the airline. They are as stated here:

By means of a call:

A direct call can be placed with the airline team to initiate the booking for the pregnant woman. You need to give in all the details pertaining to initiating the booking, which will help you finalize the reservation with the airline. The customer support team would ask you to submit relevant documents for the same, which can be done accordingly. 

Through a travel agent:

You can make a request to make the booking for pregnant women through third-party travel agents. Once all the information of the passenger is given to them, they would accordingly make the booking as per the requisite. All the formalities and validation for the travel would be done by the agent on behalf of the women. 

Making a visit to the airport:

Direct booking with the airline can be done at the airport. Visit the airport ticket counters and explain to the staff the nature of the reservation. They would accordingly ask for submission of the details along with relevant supporting documents as needed. Once the entire verification process, along with the medical history of the pregnant woman, is checked through, the tickets will be given to you. All the special requests that need to be made can be made at the airport to the staff for the travel. 

Precautionary measures for the safe travel of pregnant women on airlines:

To ensure that the woman, along with the baby in the womb, has a safe travel experience, there are some measures that need to be followed through, which are:

  • Be well prepared beforehand and get all the necessary health checkups done with your doctor to ensure that it is fully safe for you to travel during the pregnancy. 
  • A medical kit with all the necessary medicine and supplements with a doctor's prescription needs to be kept in the bag for safe travel, especially during emergency situations.
  • Always keep in mind to wear fitted elastic below-the-knee stockings to keep warm during the entire journey on the flight and to avoid blood clots while on the flight. 
  • Make sure to stretch and take short walks within the airline in the time period of half an hour, which would help you to ease the entire flight travel. 
  • Drink plenty of water during the entire flight, and make a request to the crew member for a special meal or additional assistance that you need. 
  • Ensure to wear the seatbelt on the flight below the bump and across the lap for comfortable seating in the airline. 
  • In case of a turbulent situation that happens on the flight, you need to be seated on your seat and ease your restlessness by stretching and flexing the ankles at regular intervals. It would relax muscles and improve blood circulation. 
  • Under scenarios when there is a feeling of breathing issue, immediately ask the crew to assist you with oxygen masks. 
  • Based on the long or short-haul flights, make sure to take prenatal care wherever necessary. You should also make sure to take a proper pre-flight diet where gassy food and carbonated drinks need to be avoided. Otherwise, the journey can get uncomfortable. 

What is the best seat option for pregnant women traveling?

You need to carefully select the seat with the airline in these categories:

  • Aisle seats: Gives space to stretch yourselves and walk around. Also, it is easier to use the washroom. 
  • Seats in the first row: Supports to have an easy travel journey with the least discomfort possible. 
  • Seats above the wings: It helps to avoid the impact of turbulence on pregnant women during the flight journey. 

What airlines allow pregnant women to fly?

Yes, it is possible to book a flight for a pregnant lady on all the major airlines, but the terms of travel vary with each airline. The particulars it is provided here:

  • American Airlines: American Airlines allows travel on the flight for up to 7 days till the delivery date.
  • Air France: Allows pregnant women to fly with the airline during the entire pregnancy. 
  • Emirates: The airline lets the pregnant lady travel with them for a time span of 1 to 35 weeks for pregnancy.


Can I fly at seven months pregnant?

Yes, mostly all the airlines allow you to fly at 7 months of pregnancy, unless you are not suffering from any complications in the pregnancy. Some airlines do ask you to carry the health certificate, deeming it safe for travel.

How many weeks pregnant is it okay to fly?

In the case of pregnancy, the ideal time till which it is ok to fly is before or till 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

Which seat is best on a flight for a pregnant lady?

An aisle seat is the best choice for a flight for a pregnant lady so that it is easier to go to the bathroom when needed and take a walk and stretch in intervals.

Do I need to inform the airline I'm pregnant?

Yes, it is advisable to inform the airline about the pregnancy, as almost all the airlines have limitations set for the time till which flight is allowed to be taken. It helps the staff to be well-equipped for pregnant women's travel.

At what month should a pregnant woman stop flying?

You can stop flying after completing 36 weeks of pregnancy, taking into account the safety of the baby. Under major health complications that you have, it is always advisable to avoid travel during the entire pregnancy.

Do you need a doctor's letter to fly when pregnant?

Yes, the airline may request you to submit the doctor's letter giving all the details of the pregnancy along with the advisory on whether you can make a travel during the pregnancy period.

Will airlines ask for proof of pregnancy?

Yes, the airlines can ask you to submit a medical certificate as proof of the pregnancy, which allows you to make travel.

Can you fly at 3 months pregnant?

Yes, you can fly 3 months pregnant as it is a low-risk time for travel.

How much pregnant is too pregnant to fly?

It is advisable to avoid flight travel after completing a total of 36 weeks of pregnancy when there is a high risk of travel.

Can a pregnant woman book a flight?

Yes, it is possible to book a flight for a pregnant lady by means of the official website. Apart from that, the booking can also be made by placing a call with the representative.

Can airlines refuse pregnant passengers?

The airline can refuse to take a pregnant passenger on the journey in case the have been some serious health restrictions that have been imposed by the doctor. The passenger condition is also a deciding factor.

How many weeks pregnant is full term?

The pregnancy is considered full-term at 37 weeks. The baby in the womb would be around 3-4 kg by then, and the delivery is expected anytime soon.

What trimester should you not fly?

Doctors usually give advice to avoid air travel during the 3rd trimester as it concludes the last week of pregnancy where you need to be extra cautious.

Do international airlines allow pregnant women to fly?

Yes, mostly all the airlines allow the pregnant woman to fly internationally till 8 months of pregnancy. Some do put in restrictions during the early stages of pregnancy and require legalized proof, deeming it fit for travel.

How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally?

All who do not have severe health complications related to pregnancy can enjoy their flight journey for a duration of 8 months during the gestation period.

How can I travel internationally while pregnant?

Yes, you can travel internationally while being pregnant with all the major airlines, with specific restrictions on the time period inclusive of it. You need to carry all the relevant health certification documents wherever necessary.

What are the risks of flying while pregnant?

The various risks of flying while pregnant are:

  • Air travel can lead to blood clots in the legs, which can create severe discomfort in the travel made with the airline.
  • There is a high chance of infections to the mother and the baby in the womb during the travel made with the airline. 
  • Under extreme weather conditions during the flight, there is a risk of respiratory and cardiac disease, depending on the situation.

Which airlines let you fly during the entire pregnancy?

Even though most of the airlines restrict pregnancy travel after 36 weeks, there are some airlines that give full travel leverage to pregnant women. Delta Airlines, Air France, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, and KLM Airlines allow pregnant women to travel all throughout their pregnancy period, with no doctor's letter of approval required for the same. Pregnant women can travel without any restrictions on these airlines as long as they have no severe complications in the pregnancy.

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