How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight with Air Canada?

Are you pondering over Air Canada flight changes? You have come to the exact right place. We are about to share multiple options that will help you understand the online flight changes and what can be done to proceed with flight changes as far as Air Canada tickets are concerned.

First and foremost, let us consider Air Canada's flight change policy for proceeding with online flight changes with your flight bookings. People must stick to the inclusions of the flight change policy and remember to follow the key pointers to have a smooth change experience.

  • Travelers can change their fights at Air Canada for free if the changes are made within 24 hours of the initial flight reservation at Air Canada. People can navigate the manage booking option on the website to proceed with flight changes.
  • Passengers need to pay the flight cancellation or change fee when the free change and cancellation window is no longer available.
  • Flight re-booking options depend on availability.
  • Partial flight changes are possible and people can contact the reservations department at Air Canada if they wish to change or cancel one or more segments of the flight.
  • Passengers will pay the fare difference if they are changing their fare class from a less expensive option to a more expensive one. Flight fare difference is applicable on all tickets.

What is Air Canada’s Change Flight Fee?

People need to pay Air Canada change flight fee 2022 to proceed with flight changes to make the desired changes to their flight reservations. One can contact the reservations department in order to get change fee-related information.

  • If your flight departure date is within 60 days or less, you need to pay USD 100 as a change fee for making the desired changes to your flight.
  • The change fee is USD 25 or less for flights that depart in 61 days or more as per the fight change fee 2022 guidelines issued by Air Canada.

How can I Proceed with the Air Canada Flight Changes?

One can proceed with Air Canada flight changes in the following two ways that are as follows:

  • Passengers are able to make the desired changes to their flight bookings by getting in touch with the customer service team at Air Canada for help with their flights. Numerous ways are available to connect with the support representatives at Air Canada for help with their reservations.
  • People can proceed with online flight changes for their Air Canada reservations. You need to visit the official website to commence flight changes for your Air Canada reservations.

Here is a Step-by-step Guide That Would Allow You to Make Changes to Your Flight Bookings:

  • Navigate to the official Air Canada website and select the ‘Manage booing’ option to proceed with flight changes.
  • People are able to find their bookings by entering the required information on the page such as your flight reservation confirmation number along with your personal information such as your last name. Hit the submit option on the page.
  • Locate your flight booking and one can select the flight change option on the page.
  • A new options page ill pop-open on the screen. Here you can find all the possible flight changes option available for your flights. Select the desired option and proceed further.
  • Proceed to the payments page, if applicable. Complete the payment option and receive a change confirmation email from Air Canada pertaining to your flight booking.

Travelers can contact the reservations department if met with any complications while proceeding with online flight changes for their Air Canada flight bookings. The contact details are available under the ‘contact us’ option online at

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