The process you should follow to contact Norwegian airlines

Along with the reservation on Norweigan Airlines, there are even other services you can use when contacting the airline. To avail yourself of their help, you can either contact Norwegian Airlines by phone or go through them using other available contact modes; you might choose to go through their website and read through the information given in the content below. Also known as Norwegian Air Shuttle, the airline is a budgeted airline with flights to multiple destinations. It is the second-largest Scandinavian airline that attempts to offer its customers the best services. Read the details below and contact the airline for help.

How do I get through Norwegian by phone?

To communicate and let know of the airline for any help, you can choose to go through their call process and connect in a very short time with the airline. You can go through Norwegian's website and find the Norwegian Airlines Phone Number, 1 (800) 357-4159. Dial the number and then, on getting connected, choose the required IVR to connect with a live person and avail yourself of their help. 

  • To choose a language of preference, press 1.
  • Press 3 for information about flight status and information. 
  • Press 5 for issues you have with Norwegian’s policies and guidelines. 
  • To avail of help with payment and other issues, press 7. 
  • Press 8 to get assistance with other Norwegian services.
  • Press 0 to contact a Norwegian customer service executive for help. 

Through what other ways can you contact Norweigan Airlines? 

With the exception of the call process, where you contact by calling the Norwegian Airlines Customer Service Phone Number, you might also contact the airline using their other contact processes. These processes are listed as follows: 

1. Live Chat: You might as well go through the airlines’ customer agent using their live chat. Following this mode, you can get through with the agent in real-time and with the help you want. To get on live chat, you can follow the steps given below: 

  • Visit Norwegian Airlines’ official website, 
  • Scroll down the same page to the Customer Service section and click on the help opinion. This will advance you to the airline's contact page. 
  • Now, click on the Go to Chat Bot option. In the box, reply to the initial automated questions, after which an agent will connect.

2. Social Media: You might as well make the most of Norwegian Airlines' customer service by using their social media sites. Social media is available to help you at any time you want. You can drop a message, leave a comment, or tag the airline on the query-related post. The available social media sites, where you can go through the airline: 




3. Email: You, furthermore, can also choose to go through the airline using their email process. You shall have to go through the airline’s official website and then find the email form available to raise the issue and get the required help from the airline. The airline will try to review the issue raised and get back to you within 24 hours so that you can contact them and find the best solution.

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